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Carl Caroli Frederici Aejmelaeus

1796 - 1870


Family History of Carl Caroli Frederici Aejmelaeus, Christina Elisabeth Frederici Stĺhle and Maria Carolina Thodén and their 19 children:


Carl Caroli Frederici Aejmelaeus was born 20.10.1796 in Paltamo, Finland.  He worked as a Priest.  Carl married Christina Elisabeth Frederici Stĺhle in 1824.  They had 6 children of which 3 died very young.  Carl was married to Christina for 8 years before she died in 1832.  Two years later, Carl was married again in 1834 to Maria Carolina Thodén.  They had 13 children of which 2 died very young.


The Aejmelaeus Family


Carl Caroli Frederici Aejmelaeus (Äjmelaus), From table 5, From table 72, dean, b. 20.10.1796 in Paltamo, d. 31.1.1870 in Pyhäjoki
              1. Spouse Christina Elisabeth Frederici  Stĺhle, From table 5,  b. 15.1.1803 in Oulu, d. 11.12.1832 in Paltamo.
Married on 18 July 1824

Christina Elisabeth Frederici  Stĺhle

    2. Spouse  Maria Carolina Thodén, From table 72, b. 9.12.1814 in Uusikaarlepyy, d. 30.3.1879 in Vaasa.
Married on 6 February 1834  

Maria Carolina Thodén

The Aejmelaeus Children:  Please note: They are Augusta Henrica Levonius, born Aejmelaeus, brothers and sisters.  Augusta is married to Karl Fredrik Levonius, To table 72

Mother (Spouse 1): Christina Elisabeth Frederici  Stĺhle, From table 5,  b. 15.1.1803 in Oulu, d. 11.12.1832 in Paltamo.

1. Sofia Aejmelaeus
, b. 1825 in Paltamo, d. 1826
2. Carl Fredrik Aejmelaeus, b. 1826 in Paltamo, d. 1826
3. Johan Fredrik Aejmelaeus,
b. 14.1.1828 in Paltamo, d. 1868,  To table 71
4. Maria Charlotta Aejmelaeus,
 b. 2.3.1829 in  Paltamo, d. 1909,  To table 5
5. Catharina Emeli Aejmelaeus,
b. 11.3.1831 in Paltamo, d. 1905, To table 136
6. Rosina Christina Aejmelaeus,
b. 10.7.1832, d. 1833

Carl Aejmelaeus & Christina Elisabeth Frederici  Stĺhle's Children:

Sofia Aejmelaeus

Carl Fredrik Aejmelaeus

Johan Fredrik Aejmelaeus

Maria Charlotta Carlsdotter Aejmelaeus

Catharina Emeli Aejmelaeus

Rosina Christina Aejmelaeus

Mother (Spouse 2): Maria Carolina Thodén, From table 72, b. 9.12.1814 in Uusikaarlepyy, d. 30.3.1879 in Vaasa.


1.   Carl Emil Aejmelaeus,
b. 23.12.1834 in Paltamo, d. 1897, To table 131

2.   Amanda Carolina
Aejmelaeus, b. 6.5.1836 in Paltamo, d. 1900, To table 130
3.   Gustaf Nicolaus
Aejmelaeus, b. 31.1.1838 in Paltamo, d. 1873, To table 132
4.   Rosina Albertina
Aejmelaeus, b.12.7.1839 in Paltamo, d. 1840
5.   Augusta Henrica
Aejmelaeus, b. 6.6.1841 in Paltamo, d. 1927,  To table 72
6.   Ida Sophia
Aejmelaeus, b. 12.3.1843 in Paltamo, d. 1845
7.   Sanfrid August
Aejmelaeus, b. 4.2.1845 in Paltamo, d. 1918, To table 137
8.   Frans Alfrid Aejmelaeus, b. 1847 in Paltamo, d. 1923,  To table 133
9.   Edvin
Aejmelaeus, b. 3.8.1848 in Paltamo, d. 1890, To table 134
10. Otto Georg
Aejmelaeus, b. 9.1.1851 in Paltamo, d. 1908
11. Alma Carola
Aejmelaeus, b. 27.12.1852 in Paltamo, d. ????, To table 135
12. Anna Evelina
Aejmelaeus, b. 15.5.1854 in Paltamo, d. 1928
13. Hilda Johanna
Aejmelaeus, b. 25.1.1857 in Paltamo, d. 1839

Carl Aejmelaeus & Maria Carolina Thodén's Children:

Carl Emil Aejmelaeus

Amanda Carolina Aejmelaeus

Gustaf Nicolaus Aejmelaeus

Rosina Albertina Aejmelaeus

Augusta Henrica Aejmelaeus

Ida Sophia Aejmelaeus

Sanfrid August Aejmelaeus

Frans Alfrid Aejmelaeus

Edvin Aejmelaeus

Otto Georg Aejmelaeus

Alma Carola Aejmelaeus

Anna Evelina Aejmelaeus

Hilda Johanna Aejmelaeus



               Aejmelaeus Family Photos:

Carl Caroli Frederici Aejmelaeus

Maria Carolina Thodén

Catharina Rebeca Thodén, born Eslander, is Maria Thodén's mother.

Johan Nilsson Aejmelaeus, Carl Caroli Frederici Aejmelaeus Grandfather.

Kevin's Great Great Grandmother Maria Aejmelaeus used her hair to make this special necklace for her husband Carl Aejmelaeus.

Henriette Wilhelmina Carl-Petterintytär Thodén, is Maria Thodén's sister.

Amanda Carolina Aejmelaeus

Augusta Henrica (Henriette) Aejmelaeus. Augusta married Karl Fredrik Levonius.

Villa (Home) in Paltamo, Finland where the Aejmelaeus family lived.

Carl Caroli Frederici Aejmelaeus Family Grave located in Paltamo, Finland.